Ed’s Journal© is an engaging comic strip of characters that experience real-world dilemmas designed to induce moral reasoning and strong character-building skills.

Each story is told with three alternate paths, one right and two wrong, giving the child an option to learn what can happen if they choose the incorrect path. The Characters each have an identity that all children can identify with, giving the child the ability to connect with one of the main characters, allowing each character to help build reasoning, problem-solving and stronger character skills.

Our main purpose for Ed’s Journals© is to teach and demonstrate core values and high ethical standards by focusing on systemic teaching of common values through the use of character-building words a/k/a “Character Education.” Ed’s Journal© is designed to not only enhance moral reasoning capability but also improve the learning environment and enhance student achievement. Ed’s Journals© are giving at-risk, average, and high-achieving children from diverse backgrounds the tools and the inspiration they need to develop a strong character base for his or her future.

Ed’s Journal© and its visionary components provide a blueprint for the future of education and lifelong learning in general. It is a masterful blend of technology, powerful brain-based research, cutting-edge educational theory, transformative learning, and it’s just plain fun! Children and adults alike learn more when they are “engaged” in the learning process and Ed’s Journal© is an engaging experience for the whole family on every level. Each story has a correct path to learn with illustrations and exciting stories to make the experience a memorable one.


The layout of the book is fun and reflects Jordan’s creativity. It catches and keeps the child’s attention as he/she journeys through the book. I look forward to reading additional character-building books by Jordan Crowl. ” -

Suzanne Cairns

Nashville, TN

Ed’s Journal Called Honesty is just one book of the series I enjoyed reading. As an adult I found the characters realistic and true to today’s youth. This book is entertaining and full of great lessons. The engagement used to really help kids understand the message was really refreshing. I highly recommend this book without question.

Kya Muckle

Durham, NC

This is the kind of books that we need more of. My grand-babies all liked this book. They just happened to be here when I got the book in the mail. Jordan does a great job with his illustrations also. We need more books like this to help teach our young ones the values such as honesty and loyalty in thier lives today.

Shinyhalo, Grandparent

Cumming, GA

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