A rumor is started about Ed and Jade. As they try to handle the rumors Jade quickly finds herself in a Bullying situation. Ed and Corey run to try to help Jade, but they may be to late. Help discover the right path to defeat this Bully at their school.


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This paperback book, appropriate for middle school age children, is a great resource for use at home and in the classroom. With relatable pictures and dialog, children are introduced to realistic bullying situations. Three choices are offered for resolving the problem. Each choice details the consequences and offers suggestions on how to handle a bully. This book encourages teachers, parents, and students to talk about bullying and work together to take a stand against it. This is a well-written book about a very important issue children are facing today.

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This paperback book is written in comic book style, but with a very strong message. It is appropriate for children from age 8-14. Spreading rumors is the basis for the eventual bullying, and the story is told in a natural youthful conversational flow. The rumor mill gets started, and eventual bullying progresses to actual physical intimidation. As youngsters read through the story of the actual incidents that take place in this bullying incident, three choices are posed to the reader regarding how they would respond to the situation. Once the reader’s choice has been made there is a story demonstration detailing what might transpire as a result of each particular choice. This is a good learning tool in a home setting or even a school setting. The examples are well done, and the lessons are well described and appropriate.

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Bullying – Book 10

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  • May 6th 2013